Posted by: thaishin | August 22, 2008

About learning to drive in Joliet

  I have a driver’s licence from Singapore and I drove occasionally there.

  When I came to Joliet (Illinois), I started to find out about acquiring a driver’s licence here. I was told to go to the Secretary of State to take the written test there and possibly a practical test. I know that the licence I have from Singapore is an international licence but just was not sure how things work here for people like me. Eventually I found out from the handbook that I may drive with that licence for 90 days. After which I have to take the written and practical driving test.

So, I took the written test and passed for the first time. All were multiple choice questions and the paper was marked on the spot and we knew the result of the test almost immediately after the test. I had to pay 20 dollars for the driving permit.

Taking the practical test was more difficult. So far, I flung the practical 2 times already. It took me some time to get used to left hand drive driving. All vehicles from Singapore are right hand drive but it is left hand drive in US. I guess I can attribute my failures to: 1) Lack of practice 2) Not familiar with the road conditions. The latter reason accounted for my second time failing. But there are only 2 test routes and I went through both of them, hopefully things will turn out better on my third try. I have 6 tries in one year. Thank God I don’t  have to pay for the test.

So I learned that it is God’s will for me to fail the driving test and I know it is for my own good …

Romans 8:28:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose – niv

maybe so that I will be a better driver? One thing I learned was always to give way to pedestrians. I was given an immediate failure on my first attempt for failing to give way to pedestrian at the driving center. One of the things that impressed me of American drivers is that they always give way to pedestrians and they are very polite in doing so.  It took me an immediate failure to learn this trait.


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