Posted by: thaishin | September 26, 2008

About the nature of man

What are your beliefs about the nature of man? Do you believe that some men are inherently good?

Some wealthy men are philanthropist, some men are involved in fighting world poverty, some men volunteer in social work, some women are good mothers, some people are excellent in upbringing and character and are good models for their society. Aren’t these people good?

I bet you will say that these people are excellent human beings. You contrast their  goodness with the bad members of our society and say they have not committed any crimes and have contributed to society and should be good people. Yes, they are good people relatively but they are also sinful men absolutely.

I have encountered 2 acquaintances, non christians, who admitted that man is sinful. I would think that they came to that conclusion after observing themselves and others around them. They don’t know Jesus, probably have not read the bible in detail, but came to the same conclusion as the bible.

The fact: Romans 3:23

23for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

There is no one righteous according to the bible, including yourself and myself  and this is measured against God’s standard.

So the question is what is so bad about the people that I have mentioned? Are these people so bad that they are considered sinful? By God’s standard, yes. And we need an absolute measure if we want to the get the truth of human nature. God is holy and His presence is too much for us because of our sinfulness. The absolute standard brings out the absolute truth,  man is sinful.

Some people reject the truth of men’s sinfulness because they are too proud of themselves or they are too comfortable in life to enable the truth to rock them or they just want to indulge in and continue in their sinful ways.

I will dare say that knowing this fact will help you in the following ways:

1) It enables you to understand the true absolute nature of men – fallen and sinful

2) It will help you to have a better world view

3) It humbles you

4) You will have better insight to yourself

5) It helps you in dealing with other people

6) It is the first step to gaining wisdom

So what is next after knowing man is sinful? What do you do with sin in others and sin in yourself? I encourage you to read the bible to find out more.


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