Posted by: thaishin | July 30, 2009

A near accident

Our family just finished signing a package on our auto insurance (due to start in August 2009) when we got into the car. I reversed out of the parking lot and drove to the exit point to the main road from the car park. I was about to turn left to the main road from the side road from the car park. Traffic was flowing from my left to my right on the 2 lane road nearest to me and traffic was flowing from my right to my left on the 2 lane road further away from me. I have to drive past the lanes nearest to me to move to the lanes further away from me to turn left . As I was waiting to turn, vehicles were queueing at a red traffic light on my right on the lane nearest me and I could not  see the vehicles coming from my right on the further lanes. A trailer truck from my left stopped just on my left and the driver signalled to me to turn. Without thinking, I turned left. A car narrowly missed hitting my left door on the further of the 2 lanes nearest to me. Thank God that the car was slowing down owing to the red light. It then sank into me that I could have a car accident.

We all learn from our mistakes so that history don’t have to repeat itself. In this incident, I learned that I will rather make a right turn and then u turn back than make a left turn from a side road without any traffic light  to a busy road. Even though this situation is not new to me, it just have to be in my subconscious mind when I encounter the same situation. I also learned that I cannot surrender my judgment to somebody else when driving.

God is protecting our family. I do believe so. Theoretically, if God is protecting our family, no matter what we do, no harm can befall us. But, we have the responsibility to drive safe. God wants us to be responsible drivers too so that we drive safe. God takes over when we no longer have control. His name be praised when He protects us!



  1. Yes, I must thank God for near misses in my life as well. Having been preserved, what is then our response…

  2. I guess to glorify God at every opportunity

  3. indeed, God is truly protecting your family.HIS glorious name be forever praised!

  4. Thank you, brother Rommel

  5. praise the Lord! Psalm 18:19b-“He rescured me becasue he delighted in me”. How do you respond to the idea that God delights in you? I believe as in Psalms 147:11-“The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.”

  6. Thank you Lissa for the verses from Psalms 18:19 and Psalms 147:11

  7. Praise the Lord for His protection for you and yr family. The traffic here is different from Singapore. I’m still trying to get use to it. And i don’t know how to drive :(

  8. My friend, you need to learn how to drive here

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