Posted by: thaishin | September 9, 2009

About language, health insurance

These words were new to me:

Sucker is lollipop.

Flash light refers to torch light.

Gas refers to petrol.

Americans pronounce diaper as di-per.

Experience with american health insurance:

There was a time when my son and I did not have health insurance in the previous year and my son was running a fever. So, I picked up the phone and called a nearby clinic and asked how much would it cost to treat the sickness without health insurance. The answer: one hundred plus dollars. So, we ended up in a will county health department and ended up paying seventy plus dollars for treatment. Eventually, we bought health insurance for my son and I.

Health insurance is a must in US. Just in case when there is an illness or need for hospitalization, we need health insurance so that we don’t have to fork out a huge sum of money upfront. I heard from the news that there are many americans who go bankrupt because of an illness, even for those with health insurance because their illness was not covered in their health insurance.

We pray that God will grant us good health


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