Posted by: thaishin | November 8, 2009

Lunch and Dinner

My son is 4 years old now. I have been feeding him personally while he is taking lunch and dinner until recently. He is still developing his fine motor skills and I figure we should give him more exercise of his fine motor skills by letting him feed himself. It is a bit late but better late than never.

The problem of letting him eat himself is the worry that he is not eating enough. At least if I feed him, I control how much food he eats. I guess I can half let him eat himself and half feed him. That way he practice his fine motor skills and I can force him to finish his food if there is still some food left.

I also have problem occupying him meaningfully when he is not going to school. He watches TV most of the time, Nickelodeon and cartoon network. Dora Explorer, Diego, Max and Ruby, Ni Hao Kai Lan etc and He loves watching spongebob. Nowadays, when taking his meals, I will switch off the TV so that he concentrates on his meals. My friends, if you are able to engage your preschool kids off TV, let me know how. I learnt about phonics from a Montessori teacher and is teaching him about the sound each letter makes and he manage to read 4 books from the Fitzroy reader series using this phonics method from Montessori.  These I do when he takes break from TV.

Used to be that I have to appeal to his taste when he was younger because if he does not like the food, he does not eat it. Now, I can force him to try new food and he usually listens to me. At least if he likes the food, he will continue to eat it. The important thing is he tries the food.

His usual staple now includes macaroni and cheese, rice with chicken nuggets and fish sticks, rice with scrambled egg, rice with 2 length of sausages, 4 hard-boiled eggs, 2 or 3 pancakes, bread with butter, instant noodles,  subway soups like broccoli with cheddar cheese, dumpling soup, chicken soup etc, hotdog with bread, spaghetti, pizza, rice with roasted chicken, pretzels. I am trying to let him try more food if possible.

It is a God-given responsibility of mine to feed him, clothe him and take good care of him as he is my son. I learnt from a radio broadcast that just as God the father gave man structure to his environment, parents also need to provide structure to their children in their daily routines. I guess that I need to do that and more. Nurturing my son will be my greater responsibility other than the role of a care giver.



  1. We have a lot of conversation (even singing) with our 4 yr old daugther during meal times without tv or music. It works well for us. :-)

  2. thanks for your advice eric. Maybe you have advice for the bulk of time other than meal times?

  3. HI Thai Shin,
    Based on my experiences with my son, children basically love to play. They do not want to be glued to the TV if there are other better things to occupy them. These are some of the ways we get our son away from his TV. (1) Get him to play outdoors, e.g. go to the playground, do cycling, brisk walking, take a walk in the park and get him to appreciate nature and the colours (these activities will also make him exercise, improve his psychomotor skills and appreciates God’s creation) (2) play with his cousins / friends / neighbours with ages near his (helps him to improve in his social skills), (3) play indoor games / toys with him (e.g. my husband would play Nerf gun or sword (fake ones) with him, crawl on the floor with him while I would play board / card games with him (helps to improve his thinking skills). Doing these activities with the child will help in building bonds and enhance his psychomotor as well as social skills. Hope it helps.

  4. thanks Ai Bee

  5. As for food, you also try fish porridge with bits of yellow squash, carrots, broccoli, onions, tomato paste, brown rice and chicken broth. You can try crackers with avocado and soft cheese. Scrambled eggs with wheat germ and shredded carrots. My son, 17 months old, is eating them…I wonder if he’ll still eat like this when he’s 4.

  6. thanks Crystal

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