Posted by: thaishin | December 17, 2009

Sin, Guilt, Grace

Our God is a holy God and hates sin.  He has an absolute and highest standard of holiness that any human attempts to reach it fails. That is because human beings are by nature sinful and can never reach God’s standard of holiness. God hates our sins but loves us as a person. Hence, it is necessary that a christian acknowledges and confesses his/her sins  in Christ name when he/she sin against the Holy one of Israel in thought, speech and action in order to draw closer to God.

The natural reaction to acknowledging and confessing our sins is guilt. If it lingers, it is counter productive to our spiritual growth. We need to be objective and honest to ourselves in order to detect sin in ourselves. But after acknowledging and confessing it, the goodness and grace of God should always come after that to dispel the lingering guilt. The goodness and grace of God displaces the guilt. We can experience the goodness and grace of God only if we put ourselves in Christ’s shoes and feel the pain of the nails that went through his hands and feet. Only when we feel grateful to what Christ did on the cross for us will we understand the length, breadth and depth of God’s love for us and constantly pin our hopes on the goodness and grace of God. And our hopes are not in vain because of the resurrection of Christ where our greatest fears of death are put to rest and we can conquer all circumstances that life throw at us. Where there is no more fear, nothing in this world can shift our loyalty from Christ.


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