Posted by: thaishin | January 8, 2010

A bad fall

My son stretched both his hands to the sides of his thighs through his pajamas and went further down leaning forward. He fell awkwardly, slamming his front teeth onto the floor and loud cries follow.

I went to look at him, dug out the food that he was eating  from his mouth. He was taking his lunch. Then I took the towel and pad at his front teeth. Blood was flowing profusely at the two front teeth and from the lascerations on his lower lip. I checked his teeth and it seemed that his left front teeth was shaky.  I called my wife to ask her about what to do. She’s trained in health care and she should know better. She told me that as long as the bleeding stops, things will not be so urgent. I was wondering whether to send him to the A&E but things got better and blood is not flowing that much anymore.

It was  near the end of the year and we are switching  from state insurance to private insurance for him. So, I decided to wait for a few more days before we visit the dentist. The incident happened on Wednesday and we waited until the next Monday morning to see the dentist. At least with private insurance, the dentist is more accessible. We were also wondering whether to send him to the primary care doctor to examine his mouth but we decided to send him to the dentist first.

We were worried that there might be some broken teeth stuck in his gums and also about infection. He was in pain. Food has to be sliced into smaller pieces for him to eat. As the days went by, he was crying in pain whenever he took food. Thank God from the X-ray that was taken at the dentist, it showed that there were no broken teeth and that adult teeth was pushing its way out and there was no infection up till then. Thank God for His protection!



  1. Hi Thai Shin

    Praise be to God for His mercy and care.

    Take care.

  2. thanks Tiat Leong

  3. Hi Thai Shin,

    Praise God for His protection for your son.

    Btw, why do you switch from state insurance to private ??? Can you tell me more about it???

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