Posted by: thaishin | February 2, 2010

Driving in the dark

I sent my wife to the hospital 45 minutes drive away from our apartment in the morning and we reached there around 12:05 pm.

In the evening she called and asked me to leave the house around 12:30 am to fetch her. My son and I went to sleep around 8 pm. By the time I woke up there was light snow and I  have to scrape the snow from our car as it was parked in open space car park. Due to the delay, I left the house around 1:20 am.

I did not need the GPS as I knew the way there. I took the usual route of Interstate-80 going west and changing to I-55 going south. It was snowing lightly and the ground was wet and slushy. I went at around 55 to 60 mph, dared not to go any faster for fear of the car slipping. Towards the end of the journey on I-55, I exited on the left of the expressway to the next part of the journey. It is actually an odd exit as in this part of the world, we keep right if we are slow.

The trip took to the rural area as there was roughly another 20 miles to go. The road was actually very dark in this part of the trip. No street lamps and I could only see light coming from the reflector at the center of the road. Without the reflectors, I could hardly tell  where is the left boundary on the road. As I peered at the rear view mirror, it was complete darkness. Some of these rural areas are hunting ground and there is the occasional stretch of houses as the car whizzed by. By the time I reached the hospital, it was 2:10 am.

My wife was hungry and we wanted  to buy a burger for her at the McDonald’s in the town center. But it was closed. Anyway, I cooked rice for her at home and she just have to bear with the hunger for a while. We took another route home using the GPS. The trip home was longer and there were a lot of turning here and there. Compared to the usual route that I take, there are more stretches of minor road and less miles on the expressways. Also, most parts of the road were in complete darkness and the driving condition was worst than the route we took to the hospital.  There were parts when we were just following the previous wheel tracks left on the ground amid the dry snow.  It took us 1 hour 15 minutes to get home. All of us were hungry when we reached home and by the time we got to bed, it was 4 am in the morning.

And my son had school in the morning.



  1. i truly believe that GOD has protected you and your family on that long, frightening and tedious journey last night.thanks to HIS holy and great name.

  2. Thank God you have been safe. If you and (changed to)your wife were to move to our area in Peru & Spring Valley she could work every day at the same building. I believe the work is mostly days and you would live within 5 miles of work. It is something to think about. Less chance of accident driving while saving much money on gas & auto expense. And then we would give (changed to) your wife more driving instruction so she could drive to work and you & (changed to) your son could stay home and sleep in your cozy warm beds when its cold. It is something to think about and pray about. God Bless!

  3. In Singapore, we have street lights everywhere, well almost everywhere. It is a small country, and we can afford to light up everywhere using energy-saving tubes.

    Our nearest experience to driving in complete darkness is on the Malaysia highway. One year, we were on our way from Lumut Town to Kuala Lumpur (a 200 km drive). We were foolish and started our journey late afternoon. By the time we hit the highway, it was total darkness. What made it worse was it was pouring!! The slippery road made us slow down and lengthen the journey. At the end of journey, someone looked at our tyres and commented that they were worn out. It was amazing how we made the 200km journey thru the slippery downpour!

    Yes, God was faithful despite our folly.

  4. thanks guys for your comments. Kong Wah, thanks for sharing your experience driving in Malaysia.

  5. Certainly God protected you. You may want to consider moving to a place closer to the hospital, or at least get one of those super duper cars that can see in the dark. Or, come back home to Singapore. We are always short of nurses.

  6. Boon Choon
    1) my wife is serving a few hospitals. Our apartment is currently centrally located from the hospitals.
    2) pay in singapore for nurses is low

  7. Come to tucson, Arizona lah…. winter is not as bad here, but be prepared to get severe sun-burnt during summer !!

  8. cstars, this winter was better than last winter here

  9. Yes, God watches over us all. Allow me to share my recent experience on my first time driving in snow. We were going to Abetone for skiing. There were many things to be thankful for from the preparation to the trip itself. The car rental company gave us a bigger car at no extra cost to begin with for this trip; our previous Fiat Punto had trouble climbing the mountain slopes. Thank God that snow chain was available too when we picked up the car on the morning of drive to Abetone, we had forgotten to call and book one earlier on for this bigger car. The car rental company person told us that there is no need for snow chain at Abetone as the roads are regularly cleaned by snow movers… However, it started to snow heavily on our way up the mountain. We decided to stop and put on a snow chain when our car skidded slightly. Alas, we did not know how to do so and were figuring it out when a car infront of us skidded and hit another car which had stopped beside us. We were told to move on to enable the traffic to move…our snow chains were not on yet. By then, our car was behaving strangely…somehow it could not move. I was almost on the verge of calling the rental company when I decided to stop the car and try and put on the snow chain. Thank God, it was done easily and the car revived! Praise God… However, shortly after, the car skidded again even with the snow chain while negotiating a bend, it was like God telling us early to drive slowly and carefully even with the snow chains. We eventually got to the hotel safely. Thank God for His watching over us, it was indeed a scary first time experience for all of us.

  10. Jyh Fang,

    Thank God that He protected you and family on your recent trip from any accidents. It must be scary to be driving on snow for the first time and in a difficult terrain. Skidding is a danger especially when the roads are not cleared of snow. Thank God that He is able and watches over all His children over any part of the world.

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