Posted by: thaishin | March 22, 2010

Spring Comes

Spring comes

1) When we shed away our long johns.

2) When there’s that last burst of snow shower

3) When there’s regular rain shower rather than regular snow shower

4) When we tune our clocks one hour forward because of day light saving.

5) When we hear birds chirping outside our apartment

6) When we can open the front sliding glass door to let the fresh air come in during the day as the temperature climbs up to 50s.

7) When we turn up the thermostat because the temperatures are still in the 30s during the night

8) When we see motorbikes on the road again

9) When we see dew forming on the glass of our car again in the morning

10) It’s suppose to be severe weather season also when tornado comes but march 2010 has been quiet thus far. Praise the Lord!



  1. Hi Thai Shin,
    I believe we all will enjoy spring this year with the long snowy cold winter. Spring makes us come alive so we can be outside, walk and enjoy nature.
    Say hi to (changed to) your wife. We still need to get together. With 2 nurses working finding time when they are both off is difficult. God bless you and your family.

    • Yes, we should be arranging a get together

  2. Spring is good :)

    • Yes, is there spring at where you are now?

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