Posted by: thaishin | August 5, 2010


I am writing this post in a reflective mood.

As I am writing, I am counting how many friends I relate to in the States at a deeper level. I relate to a filipino couple that are our neighbours. I talk to the husband when we meet outside our apartments. I relate to the husband of my wife’s friend through e-mail and he encourages me when I write a new post. 2 guys. That’s after 2  and a half years here. That’s the result of staying at home for 2 and a half years looking after my son.

I was talking to a friend that came to Chicago recently and we met up and he encouraged me to work. He said most of his best friends were not from school but from work or church.  He encouraged me to start going to church also. Just to make more friends.

By virtue of technology, I am still in contact with some friends and relatives back in Singapore and beyond. I receive emails and comments on my blog. But if in the absence of technology, I would have already lost contact with them.

If I were to settle down in the States, I will have to make new friends. I will have to start going to church. I will have to work when my son is old enough. Through birth relations, going to school, going to work and going to church in Singapore, I have a list of friends that I keep in contact with now. With another half of my life to go and the time required to nurture my family, I will probably add a few more friends to my close list. I am starting with 2 guys for now.



  1. Thai Shin – I remember being a sophomore in high school in 1961 during a English class. My male teacher’s name was Mr. Galloway whom I liked and respected. I probably during the many years past have forgotton 99% of what was taught me so many years ago. There has been (1) statement that STILL sticks to my aging brain and this is what Mr. Galloway stated during one of his English lectures: ” When each of us comes to the almost end of our lives…if we each have (2) friends…(2) TRUE friends who would do almost anything for us…we are very lucky and rich.” That was his the rest is from my thoughts and experiences. Most people who acquire riches seem to have many friends until the money is gone and so are the friends…except those who are TRUE & HONEST FRIENDS.

    I believe, Thai Shin, now would be a perfect time to find a Bible Believing & Preaching Church to take your son to Sunday School & Church. We as parents including yourself will do almost everything possible to educate your son, teach him good manners and teach him to respect others. That teaching only is valid for a normal lifetime and then the training in gone.

    Eat vegetables each day and have them on the table and your son probably will eat vegetables and be healthier when he is on his own.

    Have NO beer, whiskey, wine etc. in your home and do not drink…then your son probably will not use them either and probably never will have a problem with this type of vice.

    Do not swear, cuss, fight with his mother and use foul words and probably that present little boy will not do it later when he is grown.

    Go to church and take your family especially the son when he is little. As he becomes older he will fight you and not wish to go to church but you continue taking him to church and set the example. Probably your son will be a TRUE CHRISTIAN when he becomes a man if he sees his father A L L his young life going to church, being a real true Christian and knowing his father prays for him EVERY Day.

    How do I know the preceding could be true in your case? because it has been true in my case.

    It may take many church visits to find a church you will be comfortable in and one you are welcome in and one that believes in & teaches The Bible. Many churches today do not believe in what the Bible says and teaches and many churches today are only a social club…the larger the church the larger the social club. A good way to locate a good church is notice if they have a Sunday evening service and a Wednesday nite prayer & Bible Study. If you find several of these you may have a good start.

    Thai Shin..if you can attend a Bible Teaching Church you will probably find one of those close and dependable Christian friends. Otherwise do not feel discouraged…most of us are very short on real friends. God bless!

  2. I fully agree with Bob Salsman. My sister and I wee send to a Christian school and were told bible stories at a very young age and had made a great impact on our lives.

  3. Thanks guys for reminding me what’s important

  4. Thai Shin, I know what’s the feelings. It’s hard to adjust to different culture and life-styles

  5. Yes Seow Yin, well Abraham went to a new land and survived.

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