Posted by: thaishin | September 28, 2010

Change of Air Cabin Filter

Yesterday, I just sent my Toyota Corolla for 25k miles servicing. Besides the normal things that they do, the service consultant showed me the cabin air filter and said that the technician recommended that I change it. So I gave my approval after seeing the charcoal-like texture of the  surface of the filter.

We have the car for nearly 1 year 8 months and this is the first time we are changing the cabin air filter. It is scheduled to be changed for the 30k servicing but I had it changed earlier. Labour and part cost me a total of 47 bucks. I called another auto shop and they quoted me 49.99 – 29.99 for part and 20 for labour. So it seemed the dealer is charging me a reasonable price.

For those who have cars, care to share your experience?



  1. My nephew who lives about 15 minutes from our home in Peru does ALL my auto work. He is a wonderful guy and a Christian Mechanic-he does not cheat people on cars or charge too much. It is funny you just mentioned changing the cabin filter. I just had my nephew, Ronnie change the one on Nida’s 2004 Corola. It has been purchased in April 2004…the car is about 6 1/2 years old & has 68,000 miles. After we purchased the toyota & I found out the car had this replaceable filter in it I returned to the dealer and purchased a spare filter. I believe it cost $23.00. I could not believe the price but I bought it like a dummy..and I think I am tight with money. I knew the $23 was too much. The filter was very dirty and needed changing so I took the filter and Ron replaced it. All he had to do was pull the plastic bin from the glove box out to get to the filter. In otherwords this filter is located right behind the glove box. It took about 2 minutes to replace the filter so I gave Ron an extra $5.00 as he also rotated my tires. Thai Shin…I got ripped off when I bought the filter; you got ripped off when you replaced y our filter. Living in a city and not knowing what to do makes it not your fault….what else can you do. Here is what I suggest. Go to Google and see what you can buy this filter for. There will be several companies always where you can buy one. This is true with all products. When I need something like this I search from Google and see how cheap with the freight I can buy it. Pertaining to this filter. We both will be better off looking up the local auto parts stores on the web and checking their replacement filter. Get the lowest price then stop in and pick up the filter…here you do not pay freight as you would do on the computer. It is a problem when you go to a Toyota dealer and say please use my filter. Understand when they charge you $30.00 for a filter their cost is probably $1.00 – $3.00. They would lose a lot of money. Anyway when you live in a city and do not know a honest mechanic you pay big bucks on everything. Another suggestion. The next time your filter needs replaced tell them to remove it and do NOT install another one. People have lived for 100 years having no cabin filter in their vehicles. Nida has many allergies, etc so I believe she should have one. Tell you what. After I have time to search local parts stores I will inform you of my findings. I am serious when I say those little filters cost $1 – $3.00—I am saying this is the cost to the auto parts store & Toyota. . With one additional month before cold weather again I suggest you give your Toyota a good polish job before the winter snow & salt on the roads. Do an extra good job on the wheels & bottom part of your auto since these are the locations where salt is always on. Right before you polish the car wash it good and dry it so you are not rubbing dirt into the paint scratching it. Come November & December you will need to add air pressure to all 4 tires for the winter. I will contact you later with the filter price for our cost. God Bless Thai Shin. I have been praying for your dad…how is he by now?

  2. Thanks friend for the info

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