Posted by: thaishin | October 21, 2010


When I was younger and thinking of the word surrender, an image of the combatant putting out the white flag comes to mind. Surrender is often associated with a fight, the act of surrender is often done unwillingly and the party that surrendered is often thought of as a loser. Nobody likes to surrender.

In christian life, we talk about surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ. That involves surrendering our will, our emotions and our intellect to Jesus.

In surrendering our lives to Jesus, the combat occurs within ourselves. The fight is between the old self that is within us with the Holy Spirit that wants to come into our lives. If the Holy Spirit has the edge,  we will surrender our lives willingly. If the old man has the edge, we will resist surrendering to Jesus. If the Holy Spirit wins the battle and the person surrenders to Jesus, the person is the winner and not the loser. Everybody will want to surrender if they have the faith to taste the sweetness of Jesus.


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