Posted by: thaishin | October 28, 2010

Magnesium in my son’s diet

Magnesium is a vital element in maintaining good health. It is needed to perform various bodily functions like maintaining heart rate, metabolism rate and normal blood pressure, preserving a healthy immune system, regulating blood sugar levels, keeping bones strong and production of proteins.

I am including  the following food that is rich in magnesium in my son’s diet:

1) Fish ( I dip the tilapia fillet in egg beat and bread crumbs and fry it)

2) Banana

3) Milk

4) Milk chocolate and candy bars

The above are the food that my son will eat. If you ask him to eat leafy vegetables or beans, he will probably not eat it.  If you have ideas of incorporating food rich in magnesium in a kid’s diet in a simple way, please share.

The daily dose comes from milk. He drinks at least a cup of milk each day. Now, I am thinking of giving him at least two cups regularly. Also thinking of serving him chocolate everyday.



  1. Wow… Chocolate everyday? Chocolate is also high in sugar content right? Might be an addiction to him in future…

    • Just small bars of chocolate once everyday

  2. Hi Thai Shin. Sounds like you are doing your best feeding your little guy. Chocolate with the sugar makes most kids hipper and wild acting. Watch him after he eats candy & sweets and see if he goes to sleep normally or if he acts nervous.

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