Posted by: thaishin | December 17, 2010

Spiritual health of my son

God has given me the opportunity to take care of my son. One of the responsibilities as a christian father is to nurture the spiritual side of my son. I don’t think I have done a good job.

At five, he is old enough to verbalise his needs, his wants and his thoughts. He prays before bedtime to Jesus. He is attending a christian school. I used to ask him to memorize scripture, I used to read bed time bible stories but have stopped for some time. Our family goes to church on alternate weekends and because it is not a main service, there is no sunday worship for children.  I am not sure if he is able to grasp the concept of God.  I can do more. I am willing to do more.

I guess some of my action speaks for my christian values. But that is not enough.  I am a quiet person, I am not a very sensitive person. That is a drawback in evangelism to my son.

I need to be more sensitive to start with. Need to identity a need in him and make use of that need to drive him to Jesus. I had a need when I was a non christian – I had a tremendous inferiortiy complex. That complex drove me to Jesus. Matthew 5:3 says “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” – niv Indeed Matthew 5:3 is true and my inferiority complex drove me to Jesus. Of course, faith comes from hearing and constant church going drilled me with christian teachings.

1 Cor 9:22: “To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some” – niv . I need to be more patient towards my son and speak his language and try to understand his thinking and become his friend.

I need to be held accountable for this important task of nurturing my son’s spiritual needs.  My friends, if you are able, please check on me.

If you are able to provide more suggestions on how to or biblical principles in child evangelism, please do.



  1. Do not be so hard on yourself Thai Shin. Your love for your Savior will gradually rub off onto your son. I recommend…do not “push God” down into your son’s being..always talking about Jesus. This may turn him off in school age years. Simply continue what you are doing. LIVE THE LIFE…that is what you are doing. Take him and go yourself to church on a regular basis as you are doing. Love and get along well with his mom which I believe you are doing. Everyday…PRAY and believe what God will do. After the boy is grown he will return to God or perhaps he will never leave God. You know the scripture: Bring him up in the way of the Lord and he will stay with him. For you…God bless you and do not worry.

  2. The most important thing we can do for our children is to pray for them and to point them to Christ. This means of course bringing them regularly under the means of grace –especially the reading and preaching of the Word of God. A great myth in the church of our day is that with children preaching will not be effective; we need to keep them entertained(!) or they will become bored with the church. And so many churches keep shrinking the preaching, or “dumbing it down”, or substituting other things in its place, as well as taking the children out of worship for “children’s church”, or some similarly named thing. Ours is a generation that has lost confidence in the preaching of the Word. And we are paying dearly for it.

    We can trust God to do in our children that work which only He can do. Only He can bring a true conviction of sin and birth faith in the heart! We must steadfastly resist the pressure to get our children to “pray the prayer.” The problem is that young children are particularly designed to do what we say. If we told them that the way to be saved is to stand on their head for one minute a day, they would do it! No, we faithfully pray with them and for them and expose them to the truth of the Word of God. We tell them that they need a new heart and only God can grant such to them. And we wait upon God to do the work. No need whatsoever to pressure or manipulate. Wait and watch the Spirit of God do that work which only He can do. He has done it millions of times over.

    And Thai Shin, permit me to gently say that it was not your inferiority complex that drove you to Jesus. I think I understand what you mean –that God used in some way that sense of inferiority in combination with His truth. “Blessed are the poor in spirit” indeed. Blessed are those who by the Spirit of God see their true spiritual poverty and so are taught to cry out to Jesus for salvation. Many persons with inferiority complexes never come to Christ. They may think that their inferiority before others is their primary problem. However their primary problem is their spiritual bankruptcy before God. When one sees his true poverty –spiritual poverty — and cries out to God, it is the primary evidence that the Spirit of God is at work!

    Yes, we trust God for this same work in our children. Wonderfully, true faith and repentance looks the same way in a child as it does in an adult. Of course the adult will express this in more mature ways, and the child in child-like ways, but it is the same work which the Spirit of God authors.

    Praise God that the salvation of our children does not depend upon the perfection of our child-rearing! Else NONE of our children could be saved. God calls us to be faithful. This means among other things owning up to our own sin. Our children need to see that we are sinners like they are. And they need to see that we look to Christ every day for the forgiveness of our sins.

    We rest in Christ for His work in our children.

  3. Thanks Robert and Pastor Bruce for your comments

  4. Hi Thai Shin,

    It is hard work, but it is worth the while!
    When I feel sad that my boy is not as responsive as how I would like him to be, it is like how God feels towards us too!
    Hang in there!

    • Thanks Kong Wah

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