Posted by: thaishin | January 21, 2011

First sub zero of the winter of 2010/11

A deep freeze has taken over Chicago/Joliet area this Thursday night/Friday morning.

As I started my car on Friday morning, the thermometer in my car read 1 degree Fahrenheit. I believe the temperature went negative last night and I read from the news that wind chill were nearly 20 below on Friday morning. When I walked to the school building to send my son to his classroom and walk back to the car, I can feel the freezing cold on my laps and on my fingers  when I am in the car already even though I am wearing long johns, jeans and gloves.

It is dangerous to be outdoors for long under this condition or one might suffer frost bite and hypothermia. Frost bite happens when blood circulation is impaired by frigid temperatures, meaning the skin/tissue gets frozen. A hat and gloves are necessary to lessen the risk  of frost bite.

Thank God it’s going to be a bit warmer on Saturday.


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