Posted by: thaishin | March 23, 2011

Follow Him

As a former navigator, I was taught that it was imperative for christians to disciple others and materialize the great commission.

The closest that I came was the encounter with a former colleague of mine. I got to know him when I was on job assignment to Taiwan. As we got a bit closer, he expressed an interest to attend church. After I left the company, we still kept in touch. Later on,  I even got him to do a bible study with me and he accepted Christ during the session.

As I followed up with him at a distance,  there was a time when he attended life church with me in Singapore.  Later on, he went to attend a mega church and eventually left that church. There was a time when I wanted to pass mentoring him to other navigator friends of mine but my colleague declined.

The latest I heard from him: He married a chinese girl and his father came to know the Lord through his relatives. At that time, he was already not attending church.

As much as I lament my lack of skills in discipling him, the one thing that I should have done is to emphasize to him the need to follow Jesus, not me or any body on this earth.



  1. Once a navigator, always a navigator!
    Pray for him.

  2. Very good information Thai Shin. Thank you.

  3. Managed to contact him through email, and the latest:
    He’s back to church but attending the chinese/dialect service in the mega church and he just got baptized a few months back

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