Posted by: thaishin | May 18, 2011

And advising him to try his best is not helping

These past few days my son was playing the race car game on the internet and he was able to clear the lower level using his own abilities. When it came to a higher level, he always came in 6th place and he was crying so hard.

I tried to console him. “Just try your best,” I said. He was still crying. ” Try another game” and he was still grumbling. No matter how I try to console him, he was still tearing up.

Finally, I said, ” Why don’t you pray to Jesus?” He asked me how to pray. So, I said,”Pray to Jesus to give you faster hands. Pray to Jesus to give you a clear mind. Pray to Jesus that you will clear the level of the game you are stuck at.” And he prayed with me.

Then he asked,” Then what is Jesus going to do?”. So, I said, “Jesus is going to work through you. He will give you faster hands and a clear mind if only you believe. But, you must do your part, you must also learn, you must also know where are the rocks and obstacles near the track. ” Only then did he stopped crying and started to be positive and talking about how to clear the game. He said he believe in Jesus already.

My son has to come to the end of being able to rely on his own ability to be able to depend on Jesus. He cleared the difficult level today. I hope he has increased his faith in Jesus.



  1. Wow….thanks for sharing. It is wonderful how we can influence our children in small ways that mean a lot to them… Keep up the good work!

  2. i normally teach my child how to handle failures and disappointments in life. Life is not only about success, its also about failures and how we should learn to cope with them. It is easy to feel great having accomplished something, but totally another to cope with failure, and usually it is the latter that need more attention. here we see pride, because if we fail, we lose face, did not get what we wanted and get frustrated and cry

    i teach them how to yield to God’s will and plan by citing examples thru bible stories. Paul has a thorn in the flesh, he asked God to remove it if possible, but Paul will submit to God’s will and God’s outcome even if He does not acceed to his request.

    it is always nice to do well with a bang, but not being able to accept failure as part of God’s soverign will will make them feel God is not with them. If we teach a child to ask God for help and truly believing in it, but if result turn out otherwise, it is going to have very negative effect. We have to ask for God’s help which falls within His will, many a times yes we ask, but ask amiss to consume it upon our own lusts (self,pride, greed, self glory).

    a child should be taught to yield their whole being to God, ie. our mind our soul and our body(being). If we do well, all glory and praise goes to God! If we fail, it is within His will and we praise God as well. a child should not be taught to depend on his own ability to do things, but wholly rely on God’s strength and wisdom, same for adults

  3. Thanks Kong Wah for your comment.
    Thanks Sin Wei for your input as well. Here’s my take. Not many times does my son get excited about praying to God as this. So I take it as a chance for him to draw near to God through relying on Jesus’s strength rather than through his own. So I tell him after he cleared the higher level that it is Jesus who enabled him to do it rather than by himself. It is Jesus working through him and he should be proud of Jesus than himself. Should he fail in his attempt, then I will need to teach him how to handle it when it happens.

  4. God does work in strange ways sometimes. He opened the door WIDE so you had an opportunity to talk with your son about God’s Son. It worked also. Keep up the good Christian work Thai Shin. You are very fortunate to have a wonderful family! Again, God is Good because he is perfect.

  5. A follow up note to the episode. He’s playing the game with better mastery now. But when I ask if he is thankful for Jesus for helping him. He says it is due to his ability. Apparently, he has a short memory

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