Posted by: thaishin | June 21, 2011

A discussion that did not end too well

I was pondering this question: If Jesus is not God, how can he take away the sins of the world. That question was meant for a neighbour of mine who is a committed Jehovah’s witness. They believe that Jesus is only a man and not God.

As I asked him this question, he cited the example of Adam and Eve who were created perfect and so is Jesus, he claimed. As a father teaches the son, Jesus was also taught well by his father.  He showed me some verses from the bible and I also showed him some verses that I know. Each of us were determined that our own view was correct. As each of us were determined to try to convince each other, it left a sour note as we parted company.

Actually, my initial thoughts were that I felt my neighbour is a good man and he deserves to know Jesus God. But the bible says in Jonah 2:9 that salvation comes from the Lord. Sometimes, we in our own mind decide for ourselves who deserves to know Jesus and we pick those who we are comfortable with to talk about Jesus God. That should not be the case.



  1. It is true that according to the beliefs of a Jehovah’s Witness Jesus is not God. According to the Holy Scriptures non believers in Jesus Christ as Savior of the world will NEVER see Heaven. This takes in Jehovah’s Witnesses and all false religious and all non believers.

    We as believers should pray for all people who we come in contact with that The Lord sends our way. After we get to Heaven we will be surprised to see some people there. Also, some people may be surprised to see us there. Let us try not to judge but keep our nose to the grindstone to see that Heaven is our home and keep reading The Holy Word EVERY day which will guide us like a GPS to the entrance.

  2. It is ultimately the Holy Spirit who convicts, not our words.
    We are instruments and ambassadors to share His Words.
    Thereafter, the Holy Spirit takes over.

    My experience with the JW people, is that they are hardened and not open. These are the people who are blinded by the Evil one, and cannot see Scriptures as revealing the true Christ. It is amazing that the Evil one disguises as angel of Light, and they also rely on Scriptures to point people away from Christ.

  3. Thanks guys for your comments. @Robert, yes it’s important to read the bible as often as we can. @kongwah, yes, it’s not what we can do but by the Holy Spirit.

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