Posted by: thaishin | July 3, 2011

When he says he’s not a picky eater

My son was telling me he is not going to be a picky eater. When the test comes and I ask him to eat the dumpling with rice, he says he wants another dish. So I spooned some chicken thigh with soya sauce for him and ask him to try it. He was already crying when I tried to feed him. So he is still a picky eater even though he says he’s not. It’s my fault. I should not have believed him so easily when he is not able to mean what he says. After all, he’s only 5. Eventually, he settles for chicken nugget with rice, one of his usual staples. At his age, I still have to constantly remind him to eat his chicken nugget and rice. He will spoon some into his mouth and then lie down on the sofa and lazing away before I  have to repeat my reminder again. As a parent, one of my duties is to be like an old broken record that repeats and repeats until he gets done with his meal. But at least, he’s feeding himself already. Although at times, I still have to feed him, especially when he stops feeding himself.



  1. Your situation is NOT unique Thai Shin. Most parents have the same situation when they have children.

    The most important factor is your son is very fortunate to have both parents at home to teach him and simply be with him.

    This is a small sample of raising a little boy. Enjoy him. Soon he will be 10..then 15 …. then he will probably be gone. God bless your son.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy him now my friend.

  3. Hi, long time no see. Been busy myself. Read your article.
    Ah yes, sound fimiliar to me. Well, the thing is that the picky eating is not going to go away soon. My 16 year old is still picking her foods and avoiding the more important ones like vegetables and certain fruits. I still sounds like a old broken record myself everyday! One thing I have learned though is that you can substitute food or replace one food for another. Rice is just carbohydrate and you can replace it with potatoes, cereals, corns, whole meal breads,pastas or some thing like that. As for meat, they are just protein and likewise you can replace them with tofu, nuggets of different meats. Also, avoid frying foods. try baking, boiling, cooking, steaming and grilling. Avoid using all oil except olive oil. Try out different dishes, western and asian. Oh, try rewarding him with sweet stuff like small bars of chocolate or candies, little cups of ice-cream, anything, if he finishes his meals. Enjoy the journey, you’ll enjoy him more. In no time, he’ll be 16 and he’ll be nagging back at you! Remember, he is a blessing to you. God bless.

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience Harry, that the picky eating habit is not going to go away soon and also the substitution idea.

  5. My son is about 3 and doesn’t like to eat veggies…he would eat peas, corn, at times, baked beans. He used to like brocoli and carrorts. Every meal is a struggle, he would go for the meat, then some rice and little veggies. He would stand up and beg for cookies or cheese. He would cry if I try to put him back to his seat. He also has constipation and we need to give him Miralax…. sign..I know how you feel…

  6. Thanks for sharing, Crystal, make him drink lots of water

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