Posted by: thaishin | August 26, 2011

Thinking patterns

Biblical thinking means we act because it is written in the bible.

If we were to use normal thinking pattern, it may result in us not coming in line with God’s will. For example, one thinking pattern is to act because a certain way seems most advantageous to us. In the example of Abraham and Lot parting ways, Abraham did not choose what is to his advantage but he let Lot make the choice as in Genesis 13. As a result, Lot chose what seemed to him a better land and he did not get blessed.

Another thinking pattern is to act because other people are thinking in a certain way. This way of acting has an element of fear of men. If the early christians did not perservere because they wanted to placate powerful men, the gospel would not have spread so far.

Thinking patterns that are not biblical will often result in us acting towards what we think is the best way out. But what we think is the best way out may not be what God thinks is the best way out. Sometimes God’s way out requires us to suffer. If it is God’s way, so be it. Otherwise, we will probably choose the path of least resistance, and God’s will is not attained. So, final word is do the will of God as written in the bible.



  1. We should think of what is in our heart. We will not think of Biblical teachings unless we read and study “The Word.” We will not study the Bible unless we know and love The Lord. When we talk we say what is in our heart and on our mind. When we think bad of someone we could be heading the wrong way and that is very serious for our soul.

  2. Hi my friend, when I said thinking, I do not mean on the spot thinking but rather thoughts that are on our mind for some time when we re-visit our thoughts and derive our course of action based on the bible.

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