Posted by: thaishin | October 10, 2011

Facebook friends

As I scroll through the list of friends in my facebook account, there is a button that assist me to classify my facebook friends as either close or acquaintances. A thought came to mind, should there not be a category for in-process-to-be-close or in-process-to-be-acquaintance. After all, through time and interactions, friends will either drift apart or become closer, so there should be a in-between category.

Most of my facebook friends are on the island and I am so far away. I guess it’s more of reconnecting with some of my facebook friends that I have been close to before, meeting up with some of them personally when I am back there.  I should be forward looking, maybe I should be making some facebook friends over my part of the world.



  1. Most people use the word or term “friends” meaning to be close to. Most people do not have many actual friends they are close to. Many married people can not even claim their spouse is their best friend because of all the busy events we make in our lives. Living this modern way is not good! We in America and elsewhere would find many less divorces and broken families if we parents would spend very little time on the Ipad, computer, cell phone, TV and other time consuming pieces of plastic. Each of us should give our spare time to first Our Lord & Savior and then our spouse & family. If this change was made the world we live in would become a new and wonderful place. Our time here at present is so limited and most of us waste it on “junk” or ourselves. DOES ANYONE READ THE BIBLE ANY MORE?

  2. Just to clarify, most of my facebook friends were my former classmates or friends that I have met personally but have not met for some time.

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