Posted by: thaishin | November 6, 2011

When the ambulance comes

Here is another article to tell my friends on the island about what’s different in my part of the world.

Over here, when the ambulance or fire engine is on the road and ferrying a hurting patient to the hospital or on its way to fighting a fire,  at traffic lighted  junctions there is a light bulb that lights up and all vehicles stop to give way to the emergencey vehicle. This gives motorist advance warning of the coming of the emergency vehicle.  Even if it’s far from any traffic junction, just hearing the siren of the emergency vehicle, it’s the requirement of the traffic laws that all vehicles keep right and stop to give way to the emergency  vehicles.

This is what I find different from the island.  I guess cars on the island also required to give way to emergency vehicles but I don’t find any light bulbs at the traffic junctions on the island



  1. Thanks for sharing how things are at your home land, Thai Shin. Many times when I hear a siren coming many people do not slow down or stop for an emergency vehicle. Here in America I have not seen just a single red light at intersections but just the regular traffic lights.

    Some ambulances, fire trucks and police cars have caused me some tension but we must learn with patience that these events happen when we drive.

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