Posted by: thaishin | November 21, 2011

New Wiper Blades

Today just changed the wiper blades after 2 years 9 months on my corolla. This is the first wiper change after having bought the car new.

The old wiper blade was making a sound. Though it wipes the windshield dry after squirting washer fluid on it, it is not able to clean the windshield as well especially when there’s dew on the windshield in the morning.

The driver’s side and passenger’s side windshield cost the same at $11.99. After tax and after applying a 3 dollar discount coupon, I paid $22.96. The wipers are genuine toyota parts from the dealer. If I buy from auto parts shop, the driver’s side windshield cost more than the passenger’s side windshield. For a medium grade wiper, the quote I got from a parts shop is around 33 bucks after tax.



  1. Nida’s Toyota Corolla is 8 years old. When it was 5 years old I purchased new wiper blades for it from an auto store. They installed them free but never cleared the glass very well. Nida would need to put the defroster on to help clean the glass. I replaced them last month and purchased new ones from the same store. This time I purchased expensive ones wanting her to be safe especially in ice & snow. These 2 blades cost with tax about $38.00. I never have paid anything close to $38.00 for wiper blades but they really do a wonderful job. Everyone should check their tire pressure as weather is getting cold and the pressure decreases.

  2. Thanks my friend for sharing your experience

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