Posted by: thaishin | January 12, 2012

God speaks directly to the heart

Sometimes we harbor sin in our heart and the sin is hidden from us in our consciousness. Maybe it is masked by the pride in the heart so much so that we do not see it. Then God speaks through circumstances and rebukes us and we need to ask why because we do not know that we sinned in the first place. I guess for non believers, they don’t ask why because they think it is pure conincidences. For believers who believe that nothing happens by chance, we need to ask why and God will answer. For me, it was through a vehicle with a slogan printed on its body, God tells me specifically what is wrong in my heart and it was timely too as I was questioning in my heart why a certain event happened. He is interested in my heart and He rebukes me. Then be ready to repent when He shows you the secret sin in your heart. At least that’s what happened to me.



  1. Your experience also sounds a bit like mine in the past.

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