Posted by: thaishin | February 23, 2012

Loss of holiness

In my last post, I was talking about say this to mean that. When you say A to mean B, you are using part of the subconscious mind to verbalise the thought. The bible says that words are many, sin is not absent. How much more when you say A to mean B, you are sinning more. The problem with say A to mean B is this, sin is not absent and what’s worst is we will find it difficult to concretise it again. We are not able to recall and point to the specifics of the sin we have committed. As this happens, we are not able to confess our specific sins to Jesus and probably will remain unconfessed. As long as sin is in us, we lose our holiness. With sin and without holiness, God does not hear our prayers.

PS: I use the phrase sin accumulates in my first version of my post which I have since corrected – reference to the first comment by Harry



  1. According to most dictionary, Sin is described as an act of deliberate violation of any religious, moral principle or a great fault, an offense of opposing principle and standard.

    Anyway, this is the first time that I ever heard that as Christians, if we don’t seek forgiveness for any specific sins that is forgotten, they will accumulate? And we become unholy?

    Wow! How is that possible? I mean, I know Buddists, Hindus, Taoist and even catholics and other religion does that, that is why they have to go through some kind of penence just to clear their sins. And they have to do it all the time!
    As much as I know, I don’t think we christians are doing such thing. But I do know this, we are born with an original sin that is of Adam’s by which Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to redeemed all our sins!

    When Jesus sacrificed himself, he did not just redeemed only the believers but all human kind. Jesus gave his salvation to all. All we need to do is believe in him, confess our sins and repent. That is all we need to do! Nothing else! By doing so, we are being reborn again! With Jesus Christ as our permanent Covenant, we are able to approach our God Almighty directly and seek him for anything, what ever they are, whether they are in the past, present or future. Remember always, God knows you even before you are born. You don’t have to do anything because God can anticipate our every move, thoughts, desires and even sins!

    God is listening to our thoughts and mind 24/7 and what ever you say that means something else, he knew them even before you thought of it. It is not that God did’t listen to our prayers, it is usually that we are doing things that we thought we are capable of doing without God’s interventions! Let God guide our thoughts and hands and legs. Let Him be our driver. Let go of our doubts and questions, just let God in.
    Matthew 6:6, Matthew: 6:9


    • Hi Harry,

      Thanks for your comments. The main point my post is trying to emphasize is that we have to confess our sins to God all the time because our thoughts are sinful naturally. Sin, by definition, means missing the mark. And we miss God’s holy standard all the time. Maybe I should not use the phrase sin accumulates or the implication that we have to atone for our own sins. That’s why I changed the phrase in my post. I am not trying to negate the grace of Jesus but I am trying to emphasize the effects of sin – that God will not hear us. Yes, Jesus cleanse our sins, yes it is only through Jesus alone but sin still lingers.

  2. Becoming a born again Christian seems so simple but living a true Christian life in our wicked world is so hard. We can not totally understand everything from the Holy Bible but we can each day to try to please God and not sin. I try each day to ask forgiveness to God for sins I have committed. After Jesus died for our sins we live under grace but we better try our best not to sin…a little sin or a larger one. Since God knows us and understands us better than we ourselves he is in charge. Let us each try our best not to sin and to please our God. We will never be holy enough but will be holy enough to see and be with our Lord and Savior when we leave earth…the Bible states that.

  3. May God bless your soul my friend Robert.

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