Posted by: thaishin | March 12, 2012

New brakes for front wheels

My toyota corolla already has a mileage of around 64k. In my most recent trip to the auto shop, they estimated the lininings of the front brake disc to be around 3 mm and they advised me to change the brakes. I got an estimate from them and they quoted me a price of 169 USD after discount. Their normal price is 189 USD. A second shop is running a promotion of the same type of brake job costing 99.99 USD. Upon further enquiry, they say my corolla is using ceramic disc and cost 10 bucks more for the job. So I went for the second offer. The normal price for the second shop is 169 USD. In addition, both shops also advised to clean and align the rear brakes. That cost 55 USD for the first shop and 32.99 USD for the second shop. If not adjusted, the rear brakes is not able to grip the wheels as well and the front brake will wear out faster.

The standard brake job from the second shop offers the following:
1) install new brake pads
2) resurface rotors
3) inspect brake components
Warranty: Lifetime parts warranty on brakes shoes and disc pads. 12 month, 12k miles labour warranty.

This is first time changing the front brakes since buying the car. I was told the rear brakes are still in good condition.



  1. If your brakes need replaced then they should be done. Nida has 71,000 on her Corolla and the brakes still look like new. However in your area you have more city driving and many more stop lights so your brakes are used more. . On my 1999 Nissan I told Marcial it had over 100,000 miles until I had work on the front brakes. The prices quoted sounds fair to me. HOWEVER…the story on the rear brakes to align them is a HUGE RIP OFF. The rear brakes or rear tires on your Corolla never should need a cleaning and align. That is a lie to get another $55.00 from you and Ellen. You are living in a city area where car shops are preying on people who do not know. Keep your hand firmly on your wallet Thai Shin.

  2. It’s a hassle but we have to take care of the car… else it will give way one day. Likewise we must take care of our health. A lot of people will rather spend on other things but not their health.

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