Posted by: thaishin | April 27, 2012

With Door Guard

For a few months, there was this rust on the edge of the door on my left rear side of the car. This door was retrofitted due to an accident earlier and was the only door that showed rust at the edge. There was a warranty that came with the retrofit but excluded rust.
So I went to a repair shop and they recommended to install door guards on the car. I decided to install only on the door that showed rust. They quoted around 20 dollars for the job and offered to touch it up but I have to buy my own paint.
I bought the paint from the dealership for 9.86 USD and sent the car in for the repair. They filed off the rust, touch up with paint and applied a layer of clear and sealed the edge with a transparent door guard. The door guard is supposed to prevent water droplets with coming in contact with the edge of the door. The final cost: 21.75 USD.
There’s no warranty to the repair and the manager says it is a band aid repair. It is not a foolproof repair where the whole car door is sand blasted and painted which will come to hundreds of dollars.



  1. After spending approximately one-half of my work life in the automobile business I give you my idea about your rust problem on the one door. The years I spent in the auto business was not in body shop repairs but in sales & management. However after doing the work I did I was faced with repair decisions and learned a great deal about repairing the new & used vehicles.

    After I read about the rust on the replacement door here is my reply. There is a very good chance after the damage was done to your Corolla and you took it to a body shop for repair a genuine Toyota door was not used. Sounds like a cheap off brand door was used which Toyota would not use and would not authorize. The body shop used this cheaper cost door of course to double their profit on your repair job. Because the metal was cheaper and not the correct quality the metal rusted. On a Toyota door there would be no need to install a door guard to stop the water from entering because the door does that. Needless to say don’t spend any money on your car having it sanded and repaired.

    If there is a next time…meaning another repair job and parts needed ask that ONLY Genuine Toyota Parts be used on the repair.

    This is true on the Corolla you now have and all future vehicles you may purchase in the future. Do not accept any body parts unless the parts are made by your vehicle manufacturer. Then there should be NO further problems.

    You also mentioned you received a warranty on the replacement door but rust was not covered. WOW. That is like buying a new cook stove for your apartment kitchen and the stove has a warranty but not if it would not cook food.

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