Posted by: thaishin | May 1, 2012

Person and method

One thing I learned about the difference between God and men is that God recognizes the person and accomplishes His will through results via the person but men recognizes the method and attempts to accomplish their will through the method that gave results.



  1. Reminds me of the message by Rev Edmund Chan.

    There are two ways to live our Christian life. The red bar way and the blue bar way.

    The red bar way is the way of the world, like a flashy red Ferrari. The red bar person pursues success that are visible.

    The blue bar is the way we ought to live. It is Blue because it is like the sea and our lives should also run deep. The blue bar person celebrates deeper things like integrity, character, and a life in alignment with God’s purpose for us. These things are mostly not visible.

    In life we need both bars. However, when the red bar supersedes the blue bar, when competence and accomplishment are above character and authenticity, we will compromise the development of the depth in life.

    Here is a chart that compares the two types of person:

    Red Bar Person Blue Bar Person

    Focuses on externals Focuses on the inner-life first
    Values accomplishments Values authenticity
    Values performance and results Values growth and learning
    Puts competence first Puts character first
    Does good, to look good Does good as a result of being good
    Esteems status and stature Esteems substance
    Is competitive and boastful Genuinely celebrates others
    Craves attention/approval Is self-effacing
    Is insecure without the limelight Has a quiet confidence/security
    Is stressed and flustered Is steady and calm
    Reacts to criticism Responds to criticism
    Cannot let go of control Empowers others
    Is restless in spirit Is rested in spirit
    Display – outward show Depth – inward security
    Default – way of the world. Discipleship – way of God

  2. God is God & men will be men. Men need to be closer to God than to men. If this be the case these men will be strong examples to their children and other men and will please God strongly.

  3. Thanks Robert for the reminder

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