Posted by: thaishin | July 13, 2012

New Tires

My corolla clocked 75,092 miles and I got the 4 tires changed. They say the old tires are flat.
The new tires are Firestone Affinity Touring package with 70k mile limited warranty. Each tire cost 110 bucks. Labor cost 73.96 bucks. Included in the package is 66 bucks of road hazard protection whereby free plug patch will be done to the wheels if there are nails stuck to them. The package is buy 3 tires get 1 free.
I feel pulsations at the brake when I stepped on it. They say there is need to resurface the rear brake drums. So I got that done as well. The labor suppose to cost 70 bucks. Since we bought the tires, they gave us a discount on the labor charge.
More spending on the car as it ages.
They also say it is better to do an alignment after installing the 4 wheels, which I also did.
I spend a total of 594.11 bucks for the repair



  1. I think that kind of tactics is not unheard of. As we are not in the profession, we have rely on our common sense. If you know of someone in the same trade, then you can get a second opinion. Usually safety is our main concern, whatever the costs.

  2. Yes it was time for new tires and some brake work. Nida’s Corolla has Firestone tires which are the second set. She got 70,000 miles before we had the new ones installed. Her car has about 78,000 miles and so far no brake work is needed. I don’t buy that tire warranty since it usually is not needed and is sold by the dealers mainly to make money on you. I believe in paying as I go. Which means…if and when there is a nail problem I will pay to have it repaired. If no problem during the life of the tires I save that money.

  3. Thanks Mun Zing and Robert for your comments

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