Posted by: thaishin | September 3, 2012

Kia Forte versus Toyota Corolla

Having driven our new car, the 2013 Kia Forte EX for nearly 2 weeks and I instinctively compare it with the 2009 Toyota Corolla LE, which we traded in.

1) When it was raining and I was pumping gas, I can feel the wetness from the rain outside the area around the fuel cap compared to the corolla.

2) The corolla has a more quiet engine when it was new compared to the engine of the new Forte. However, I remembered the engine of the corolla nearly choked while it was new and climbing up an incline. No such problem with the Forte.

3) The corolla will sound off a beep when driving off with the parking brake on. For the Forte, we only found out that parking brake was up after driving for a distance and hearing the sound from the wheels. Though the warning lights that parking brakes was on, it did not help.

4) What we like about the Forte is that it has an auto heads light off after switching off the engine. The corolla just sound off a beep when the lights are intentionally switched on and is left on when leaving the car

5) The corolla has daylight running light on all the time while no such feature on the forte.

6) The corolla has a light sensor that switches on the headlight automatically while no such feature on the forte.

7) What we like about the forte is that it has a 100k miles limited warranty on the power train compared to the 60k on the corolla



  1. Sounds like Thai Shin as you have compared the two cars that the Corolla was a more quality car. You get what you pay for. Your Kia costs less money therefore everything is cheaper about the car. The Corolla is Japanese while the Kia is Korean…still behind on quality.

    Pertaining to the extra warranty on the Kia…it probably will need the extra warranty. With most Toyotas & Nissans normally they never have a warranty problem. I have owned 5 Toyotas & Nissans which I bought new & I remember only 2 small problems. Too bad you had that one in a million problem with the Corolla.

    Enjoy your new Kia. At least you can compare the two autos you have owned and driven and will be more experienced when it comes time for # 3.

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