Posted by: thaishin | December 13, 2012

Stress relief

I tried it before, it works. Confessing your sin(s) to God relieves your stress.
There was once after church service that I got burning mad at somebody in church. My pride was being hurt and I confessed the sin in my pride to God and it worked magically. I felt much better almost immediately after confessing my sin.
By confessing my sin(s) to God, I am saying God you are the judge, whatever vengeance that I want is now in your hands. It may be that I am not the offending party, it does not matter. Even when it’s not your fault, still confess your sin(s) because sin is definitely there when pride gets in the way



  1. After confessing to God, confess to one another also.
    It strengthens the relationship.

  2. We humans can be so different. We all have a different amount of riches but we EACH possess much pride inside our bubble. It is hard sometimes to confess but in the long run and the ETERNAL run it is a must. If we wish peace we must forgive and confess…a very difficult act sometimes.

  3. thanks kongwah and Robert for your comments

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