Posted by: thaishin | January 21, 2013

Prayer together

It has been a long time coming. But today our family prayed together for the first time.
Prayer, a discipline I relegated to before bedtime and asking for journey mercies. Now, it is high time that our family starts praying together.
I am interested in teaching my son to know how to pray.
Simply talking to God is something that my son has to learn. He learned how to pray during bedtime. But it is routine prayer. He needs to know how to express his thoughts and offer it up to God. He prayed a simple prayer tonight and that’s good. He needs to pray more and we will have more prayer time together as a family.
Taking captive every thought in our mind begins with uttering our prayers up to God and listening to our own physical voice.



  1. Sounds like a sound habit to me. This practice if continued will reap great rewards and eternal salvation as your son learns how to petition his savior.

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