Posted by: thaishin | January 25, 2013

15k servicing for Kia Forte

Package can be quite an expensive thing. For the 15k package, here’s what they did to my car:

1) Change engine oil and oil filter
2) Rotate tires
3) Lubricate suspension, steering linkage, shift linkage, parking brake cables and guides, steering stops.
4) Perform four wheel balance
5) Check all fluid levels and top off as necessary
6) Inspect exhaust system for leaks or damage
7) Inspect suspension system and shocks for wear and safety
8) Inspect front and rear brake systems
9) Replace cabin air filter
10) Inspect air filter

The price 159.95 USD. Together with taxes, I paid 173.84 USD
In a way, I was caught by surprise, I went for the package. After browsing through the scope of work, I realised they put extra things in. For example, they replace the cabin air filter. I did that for my corolla at 25k. For example, they perform four wheel balance. I suspect I could have done that after I replace the tires, which will not happen until probably at around 70k.
I went for my 15k servicing on Jan 22, 2013. I went for my 7.5k servicing on Nov 8, 2012.
Whenever they get the chance, the shops are trying to wrestle hard earned money from us. For example, in the instruction manual, they recommend servicing at 7.5k intervals. But after I finished my 15k servicing, the shop’s sticker recommends that I go back for servicing at 20k. If I go according to the manual, I will only be back there at 22.5k.



  1. Hi Thai Shin. As I read your information regarding your 15,000 mile check I remember that I have mentioned to you several times: Beware of taking your car to the dealer for service. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF! All you needed was an oil change and filter = $20.00 to $25.00. You have a new car. Your new car does not need that much money spent on it. How does Ellen feel about spending so much $ on your cars that they do not need. You are learning Thai Shin. But you are still getting ripped off. Why not plan your next trip and learn to tell those service writers NO NO NO. They make a big % of your bill for selling things that are not due or needed. If you have extra money please send it to me. Please make the check out to: Robert I. Salsman and I will do the rest.

    I am joking with you Thai Shin. You are what we Americans call “an easy sell.” Stop wasting your money. Good luck.

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