Posted by: thaishin | May 6, 2013

Role model

I think children live in a reactionary mode. Their behavior is constantly copying what they have seen in their outside world and is constantly shaped by it. My son’s outside world consist of home, school, ipad and TV. He is constantly bombarded and shaped by what he sees in school and at home and also the games he plays on ipad and the TV programs he watches. He is influenced by his classmates, his teachers and other people in school and also by us father and mother in the family. In order to grow to maturity, he needs someone to look up to. He needs a role model.

Sadly, I am not a good role model for my son. I cannot be a person that he wants to copy. That is because if he grows up to be a person like me, he is going to be withdrawn and disengaged, which I do not want him to be. The world that I live in now is a much different world from what I experienced say 10 years ago, at least in Singapore. I am still living in the world 10 years ago in Singapore and I do not intend to change  the way I speak, the way I think as I was 10 years back in Singapore or else I will be a very different person. God has made me the way I am and I intend to live the way that I am 10 years back in Singapore probably up till I die.

Home is where the mind is trained. Maybe my son cannot copy the way that I speak or even in the way that I think. But I think I can provide some guidance along the way. I can still influence his thinking and his character even though I am not the role model. I can point to him the way to go by good old fashioned logical thinking and christian faith. It has to be expressed and  articulated and I need to consolidate these essentials probably through penning it down. He also needs to have the desire to learn logical thinking and the christian faith as well. Part of my job is to nurture that desire. The old fashioned logical thinking and the christian faith has to introduced and added to what society has molded him to be thus far.



  1. I have been crucified and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.– Gal 2:20

  2. Even though Thai Shin you state and you feel you are not a good role model for your son to follow. I feel you are incorrect with this thought because you are a great person for your son to look up to and follow.

    Just like no two snow flakes are exactly the same your son is somewhat like you but not exactly like you. One half is from his mother and the other one half is from and like you.

    You are being watched by that little boy who will try to be just like his dad and looks up and admires you.

    So it is so very important what a child sees on TV, reads, the people in his life. The most important is what the child sees in his mother & father.

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