Posted by: thaishin | June 10, 2013

It does help

Scripture memory is the first step to yearning more for scriptures and growing in Jesus.

I remembered what scripture memory does to me:

1) It helps me build up my confidence in my memory.

2) It helps me be clear of what I remembered and what I did not – a step to capturing our every thought.

3)  It helps me improve my vocabulary.

At this point of time, my son is not able to do all, though he is gaining more confidence. The important thing is getting started.

Now, I am rewarding him with online game purchases if he finishes ten memory verses. It gives him the motivation to start memorizing but he would stop  after a while because he could not complete the goal. Just have to prompt him to start again when he spots another new online game and wants to get that reward.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to work on him as he remembers what he memorized. Pray that God will help him understand and internalize what he memorize. Pray that he will grow spiritually



  1. Your son is still a little boy. He will do better as he ages if you continue to encourage.

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