Posted by: thaishin | July 11, 2013


Brokenness – an important state to be in before the person is able to appreciate the grace of Jesus. It is not something that can be created artificially. It has to be the condition of the soul genuinely and to be experienced personally and through the course of life. It is usually preconditioned by pain, pain through a personal failure or pain through a loss or pain through a trial or pain through a feeling of worthlessness. No body wants to ask for pain purposely and hence it is not something that is planned.  The state of brokenness resulting from the pain has to encounter the good news of the gospel to produce good fruit.

Since brokenness is not something that can be planned, I cannot teach it as a lesson to my son but it has to experienced and pointed out to him as he goes through life and prayerfully the good news that has been taught to him as a child will make better sense.



  1. I have gone thru many trials of brokenness in my life so far. The amount we go thru has to do with how serious the problem or problems were and how we spiritually stand up to it.

    If we meet people who are very tall perhaps that shows how much they have gone thru for their height shows how they grew and survived. I do not think the Black Basketball Players fit into this group. They are tall because their fathers were tall.

    • God bless you my friend

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