Posted by: thaishin | August 29, 2013

Unable to recognise God’s sign

On that day, I picked up my phone and called an old neighbor of mine, an old lady in her seventies and she was surprised to receive my call. It was because it was her birthday and since I seldom call her, she asked if I knew it was her birthday and I said no.

My logical mind was not able to recognize God’s sign until I listened to a radio message that preached that nothing is left to chance by God. As I reflected on what happened on that day in August, my christian mind tells me that it was God’s sign for me to show more concern for her. I mean, one out of 365, that must be God’s will but my logical mind could not recognize it and tend to dismiss it as chance and did not prompt me to do anything. But on reflection after listening to the nothing left to chance message, my christian mind prompts me to heed it as a sign from God and to show more concern for that neighbor of mine. She lives alone and is probably lonely and I could do more by calling her more often.



  1. Amen

  2. A true message for each of us and it is SO TRUE.

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