Posted by: thaishin | October 2, 2013

Because it’s fun

My son is still a child. He do things because it’s fun. He plays the ipad because it’s fun. He likes to go to school because that’s where his friends are. He does not hate reading the bible history books but neither does he find it fun to do so and does not read it on his own. To motivate him to do something, there should be a reward so that he can do something fun like playing a new game on the ipad after completing the task.

So that’s why he has a parent like me to monitor him and to guide him. That’s why I need to make sure that he reads the bible history. That’s why I need to make sure that he does his math on the practice website. That’s why I need to make sure that he does his language homework and hands it in school. That’s why he is going for chinese lessons so that he will learn how to speak chinese. That’s why he’s doing his reading in English everyday so that he will improve his vocabulary. He need to do all that not because he likes it but because he has to. It is a parent’s job to make sure that he does it. As long as he does not hate it all too much, that is ok.



  1. Very true Thai Shin. And you are lucky you have your wife to see that you watch over your son. You are a fortunate man!

  2. I totally agree with you. One great mistake in parenting is to allow “fun” to be the main motivating factor in their children’s willingness to do certain things. The fact is certain things have to be done whether one likes it or not. I would also say that fun is the end NOT the means. For example, once your son mastered the Chinese language, he will have more fun reading, writing and speaking in Chinese. The same is true in his Bible history and English lessons.

    My two daughters are learning piano and violin. I required them to practice at least 1 hour each day for each instrument. Practicing long hours is definitely not fun for them and when they start complaining, I would encourage them to continue. Now, they came to realize the truth – the more they practice, the more they improve. The more they improve, the more it is fun to play the piano/violin because they can play any songs and pieces that they like. It is definitely NOT fun to be only able to play “twinkle, twinkle little stars” after many years of studying piano/violin!

    • Thanks my friend for your sharing, learnt something from it.

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