Posted by: thaishin | May 22, 2014

Three things

Learnt this from a sermon:

Three things that ought to be done in private – personal prayer, giving and fasting.



  1. I believe giving could be done in church – money back to Our Lord I mean. Then there are other types of giving by helping people who need different kinds of help and there are millions of these people in the world.

    We can pray anywhere…just be careful if driving.

    I predict with all the homos getting married that a day is coming soon when pet owners…some pet owners will marry their pet. This is getting very close now. Many young ladies are buying a miniature dog and carrying them in their purse and staying away from men.

    As the scripture states…before the end the world will be doing ungodly events that we never would have thought possible several years ago.

    We are living in the end days. How far from the second coming we have no way of knowing. The main thing is be ready to meet Christ!

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