Posted by: thaishin | September 22, 2014

Presence of Jesus and eternity

The extent to which you allow the presence of Jesus to dwell in your heart, mind and actions will be basis of the extent to which how God will determine your eternity.



  1. Our Holy Bible states there will be NO sin in Heaven as well as NO tears meaning we will have nothing to worry about in Heaven. We humans will not see heaven and Jesus there unless we totally live for him, follow his commands in his inspired Bible and do our very best at NOT sinning while alive here in this world. If we continue to sin here time after time I really have doubts that Jesus will allow us into Heaven for Eternity. ONCE SAVED…ALWAYS SAVED. The Bible also brings up doubts about this Baptist belief.
    Living for Jesus Christ is a very serious business. Let our sins and our thoughts only be tiny ones with not repeating them. God will not allow habitual sinners into his heaven. If he did there would be NO need for Hell. God help each of us to be sincere and pray daily for Our Lord to help us strongly not to sin.

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