Posted by: thaishin | July 12, 2015

The original languages of the book of Daniel

The book of Daniel was written in 2 languages, namely Hebrew and Aramaic. Daniel chapter 1,8 to 12 was written in Hebrew. Daniel chapter 2 to 7 was written in Aramaic. The original languages in which Daniel was written represents the structure of the book. Chapter 1 writes about how Daniel, a godly person, lived in the times of the gentiles. Chapter 2 to 7 writes about God’s sovereignty over the times of the gentiles, with these chapters emphasizing a time of ungodly world domination but God is still ruling from His throne, that is why it is written in aramaic, the language of the world. Chapter 8 to 12 writes about God’s people in the times of the gentiles, what God is saying to Israel about the future days in the times of gentiles.

Above paragraph taken from Today in the Word Radio, titled the God of power and wisdom part 1 on July 8, 2015 on moody radio.



  1. Ungodly world dominion is where we live today in the year 2015 AD and getting worse daily. Why do kings, presidents and dictators live like this? It must be during the time they are doing their sinful dirty deeds they must think they will live forever. What does man have to gain except Heaven? The Romans lived so wicked and ungodly the people living under them no doubt thought the Romans would rule forever. But again Our God is on his throne no matter who rules down here on “little earth” plus only a small part of it where these people live. Presently our president can sell our country out, our Congress is very wicked and cares nothing about us Americans and our Supreme Court is 9 wicked Muslim looking goofs wearing their black robes looking like judges but judging like fools getting paid off by who knows. I see little difference between today and during Daniels Day except presently our world is filled with billions of cell phones driving me crazy. Believe in Our Living God and serve him. He is our direct path to heaven during eternity forever.

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