Posted by: thaishin | September 25, 2015


Learned something from moody radio openline sometime back: The commandments in the old testament is to be obeyed in the current age only if the same principle is expressly mentioned in the new testament. Generally there is wisdom in the commandments of the old testament but is not mandatory if it is not mentioned in the new testament.



  1. We can NOT go wrong if we follow and obey God’s Commandments in both the Old and New Testaments. We older Christians know or should know how to live a complete and fulltime Christian Life. We know if we make a mistake or Sin. We are to do our human best and not sin but we still all do. Most of us commit small sins and not the large ones IF sins can be compared between large and small. Our daily prayers should include “Heavenly Father…help me to be strong today and not sin.” I feel the Old Testament is very important still today. It has so much of God’s History and learning material concerning what God did to the sinners.

    • Hi my friend, I am not saying that old testament is obsolete. I am saying commandments that are confirmed in both old testament and new testament are effectiive today.

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