Posted by: thaishin | January 22, 2016

What is shekhinah glory?

Moody Radio listener: What is shekhinah glory?

Answer on openline:

The word shekhinah in Hebrew means the dwelling. It is the same word that we have in the Hebrew bible but in a different form for the tabernacle and it is the same root word because God dwells or tabernacles with us. Shekhinah talks about the presence or dwelling of God in glory. We do see the shekhinah glory like the pillar of fire that led Israel in the wilderness. Shekhinah glory also manifested itself  when Ezekiel sees the glory of God departed from the temple. God is everywhere but there are times when he localize himself, the visible manifestation of God. In the same way, no one has ever seen God but Moses saw His back. Moses did not really see as if God has a back but he saw the visible manifestation of God, the shekhinah glory of God.

The answer was given on January 16, 2016, openline moody radio.



  1. I believe the (4) questions are easy to answer for most who have studied the Bible so I will not comment on them. Most questions we receive on these blogs are complicated for me. I THINK READING THE BIBLE AND THE HISTORY OF THE BIBLE IS 100% TRUE AND EXCITING TO READ ABOUT….THE ONLY HISTORY I NEED TO KNOW.

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