Posted by: thaishin | April 23, 2016

Dead babies go to heaven

2 Samuel 12

23 But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.  -kjv

23 But now that he is dead, why should I go on fasting? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me.”  -niv

23 But now that he is dead, why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I’ll go to him, but he will never return to me.” -hcsb

Comments and observations

  1. Context of this verse is that the baby conceived in the adulterous relationship between King David and Bathsheba is struck dead by God.
  2. King David declares that the baby is going to heaven and he is going to meet him there when he passes away.
  3. This implies that babies who die before the age of accountability go to the presence of the Lord.

Heard this from openline moody radio broadcast on 16 April, 2016



  1. OF COURSE babies will go to heaven the same as adults since this answer is scripture proved. This includes the millions of unborn aborted babies whose tiny little bodies are cut into pieces and sold for research. GOD takes good care of the poor and the innocent. Likewise God will punish those who are baby killers. Just because Our God does not do his judging on TV so people can watch does not matter. God gives his warnings to man in both the Old & New Testaments. If we man are too busy to read or unconcerned to read the Bible…this excuse will not hold up in GOD’s HOLY COURT. No need to worry if the judge is fair in Heaven. Our God makes the correct decision EVERY time. He needs not money kickbacks from interested parties wishing to fill their purses. God owns everything in this world and our universe.

    God will have the souls of millions of babies in a section of HIS heaven that we could never imagine the beauty and the happiness therein. HE has spoken and warned.

  2. Hi a good book on this issue is When a baby dies by Ronald Nash.

    • Thanks for visiting my website.

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