About Thai Shin

I am a husband and father to one son. I am a born again christian and was baptised in 1992.

I love reading the bible and it never ceases to amaze me of what truths I can draw from it. Jesus is my saviour and I am touched by God’s grace through Jesus’s ministry. Thank you God for saving me and drawing me near to you.

I hope to share what I have learned about the bible here


  1. Dear Thai Shin,

    It’s great knowing you have your own blog.
    It’s even greater you used it to tell other about God/Jesus.

    Let’s keep in touch. Luz and myself are praying for all of you.

    God bless,
    Chee Wai & Luz

  2. I was trying to reconnect, but cannot retrieve your email address. I no longer can use my hotmail account because I have been logged off for some reason. At your leisure, perhaps, you could drop me a mail at poon_kin_fook@yahoo.com.sg. Also saw a Thai Shin in facebook but cannot be sure it is you. Thanks.

  3. Thai Shin,

    I’ve enjoyed reading various of your entries. I look forward to getting to know you and I hope that I can be of some encouragement to you as you would endeavor to walk with Christ.

    Pastor Hollister

    • Thanks pastor

  4. Hi Thai Shin,

    Reading your blog, I see a peaceful and serene gentleman. I am glad that you have rediscover your belief and found your source of strength.

    As you write, you grow. Continue writing my friend…

    Wei Gee

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